New strategic licensing and manufacturing relationships with JMO Corporation and OFILM brings the best super wide-angle high-resolution certified panomorph lenses to the smartphone market

MONTREAL, CANADA—September 4, 2019 Immervision, the Montréal-based developer and licensor of patented, wide-angle optic and imaging technology announces the industry’s first super wide-angle 125° field-of-view (FoV) with highest resolution and image clarity edge-to-edge panomorph lens for smartphone and consumer camera manufacturers.

New licensee of the Immervision patented super wide-angle lens, Taiwanese Zhong Yang Technology Co., Ltd. (JMO) Corporation, is the manufacturer of the 125⁰ FoV lens.  OFILM Group Co., LTD. (OFILM) is the first camera module manufacturer (CMM) to offer this lens with the SONY IMX471 16 Megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras.

With combined super wide-angle FoV, a low f-number, good relative illumination and superior image quality at the edges, this lens combination distinguishes itself easily from lower-quality competitors in the market. Furthermore, the use of Immervision patented optical technology help maintain a competitive small-size ratio for lens assemblies, while insuring unchallenged quality.

“We are excited to partner with Immervision as we manufacture and bring to market this super wide-angle panomorph lens for the next generation of smartphones,” said Deve Lee, General Manager at JMO Corporation. “The image quality of these Immervision lenses with a remarkable f/1.9 and mastered distortion control, is unmatched in the industry.”

“We welcome JMO Corporation as our newest licensed manufacturing partner,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Immervision. “Together, JMO and OFILM bring the highest edge-to-edge, wide-angle image clarity and resolution to today’s sophisticated smartphone cameras.”

About Immervision

Immervision enables intelligent vision in any device. We design wide-angle lenses with augmented resolution to see more, and AI-ready image processing to see smarter. Our technology is for smart professional applications, consumer devices, automotive, robotics, medical, and other industries. Vision is key to understanding and securing the environment and to entertaining and informing the world. Immervision continuously adapts its technology and licenses it to component manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs in the imaging eco-system.

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