MONTREAL (Canada): ImmerVision, the world leader in immersive optical technology and inventor of the 360° panomorph lens, introduces the security industry’s first optimized 360° 5MP panomorph lens. A prototype of this state of the art technology will be shown at the ASIS Show, Booth #1473 in Orlando, FL, Sept. 19-22, 2011. Forecasted to be available in large volume on the market in mid-2012, this HD panomorph lens will be produced and distributed worldwide by a major manufacturer soon-to-be-named under its own brand name. Fitted to high quality 5MP cameras, the ImmerVision Enables lens will work with any ImmerVision Enables viewing solution on the market.

ImmerVision invested massively in research and development and sponsored the Laval University (Quebec, Canada) optical laboratory to create unique tools to test and measure wide-angle lenses.
“Achieving true 360° 5MP delivery requires not only a 5MP camera with adequate light control but also 360° 5MP optimized optics. Otherwise image quality is affected,” said Pascale Nini, President and CEO of ImmerVision. “The tests at Laval University concluded that not all the 360° 5MP lenses tested were optimized to deliver 5MP image quality in terms of resolution and distortion. Thus the first optimized 360° 5MP optical design was completed; ready to be produced by the most high end lens manufacturers in the world.”

This ImmerVision Enables panomorph 360° lens maximizes the transmission over visible and NIR wave bands for day and night applications. With increased sensor coverage and amplified peripheral resolution, the panomorph 360° megapixel lens will enable 360° surveillance covering wider areas and from higher altitudes, while removing blind spots. This is the perfect complement to the first panomorph on the market, which works with standard cameras up to 2MP.

The lens is for a 1/2.5” sensor with standard CS mount and will be demonstrated at ASIS on a Basler 5MP day/night camera with Milestone’s XProtect Enterprise software.