Title: Lens Designer
Field: High Technology
Status: Regular
Type: Full time
Salary: To be determined
Hiring date: ASAP

At Immervision we bring eyes to machines. A privately owned technology firm located in Montreal, Immervision looking for a dynamic individual to work closely with the R&D team. To ensure success, aside from technical skills, the Lens Designer should be good at organization, time management, problem-solving, and communication with other team members. As a part of our dynamic team of optical experts, the Lens Designer will have an impact on optical design and manufacturing highly advanced vision systems, including wide-angle, miniature optics, night vision, freeform, and metasurface.

This position is open to remote workers as well.

Your role includes:

  • Undertake preliminary and detailed optical design and analysis;
  • Generate complete tolerance set to support prototyping and mass production;
  • Develop assembly and test strategies;
  • Troubleshoot if required;
  • Involvement in R&D of optical & opto-mechanical technologies to develop customized panomorph lens solutions for mass production.


  • Masters (MSc) degree in optics or equivalent;
  • 3-5 years of experience in lens design for imaging using well known optical design software (or equivalent, senior lens designers are welcome); experience acquired during a PhD. is considered;
  • Experience in wide angle lens design including distortion and anamorphosis control is a plus;
  • A good understanding of optical mounting and assembly practices;
  • Experience in optical design for mass production is a plus;
  • A working knowledge of glass molding and engineering polymers is desirable.
  • Good knowledge in Zemax or CodeV software; ASAP is a plus;
  • Knowledge in optomechanical design is a plus;
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills (traveling 15%);
  • English required;
  • One of the following languages will be an asset: Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

Attitude: Team player, autonomous, organized, motivated and proactive.

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