Immervision super wide-angle camera and pixel processing can improve machine perception – an upcoming speaker session with Patrice Roulet Fontani

Where & WhenAutomotive AI + Sensors & Electronics + LIDAR Radar Camera Show (Munich) – April 26-27

Join Immervision’s Vice President, Technology and Co-Founder Patrice Roulet Fontani for his session at the Automotive AI + Sensors & Electronics + LIDAR Radar Camera show in Munich, Germany. Attendees will be able to explore the future of automotive sensors and electronics both in person or virtually.

Patrice’s session, “The future of automotive sensing technology – An anamorphic freeform lens design journey from conventional imaging to wide-angle lidar” will be on April 26 at 15:50 CEST (9:50 a.m. EST).

In his demo, Patrice will demonstrate how cameras equipped with a super wide-angle lens and sensor can be specified, simulated, and designed with the purpose of improving machine perception. Patrice will also show how a specific pixel processing called adaptive dewarping can increase machine perception’s accuracy.

For the demo, Patrice will make use of 2 application scenarios: monocular single frame depth perception and object classification, such as YoloV4.

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