ImmerVision Enables integrated with Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8 IP video management software provides unique surround view surveillance capabilities.

COPENHAGEN(Denmark)/MONTREAL(Canada): Milestone Systems, the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance, and ImmerVision, inventor of the 360° panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announce that Milestone has added ImmerVision Enables panomorph lens support to XProtect Enterprise 8 . Panomorph optics offer 360-degree viewing with standard cameras and combined with XProtect Enables system operators to increase surveillance effectiveness, enhance situational awareness and optimize the security installation.

“Using an open platform allows Milestone and ImmerVision ultimate flexibility to bring the most powerful and innovative products and software together to provide superior security tools to the front lines,” said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’ SVP Sales and Marketing and CCO.

An ImmerVision Enables 360-degree panomorph lens can be mounted on select cameras from such leading manufacturers as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic for comprehensive visual verification of the entire surroundings. The 360-degree surround view lens removes blind spots, with greater optical image sensor coverage even on lower resolution cameras to immediately spot threats, find objects left behind, and track individuals.

“Introducing the ImmerVision 360° technology in our newest release of XProtect Enterprise video management software means that our customers can increase their surveillance coverage even more efficiently and effectively,” says Henrik Friborg, VP Strategic Alliances and Co-founder of Milestone Systems.

Milestone XProtect Enterprise is designed for medium to large-scale, multi-site installations, and features the XProtect Smart Client software application that provides instant access to live and recorded video.

“We have specially developed the support for this 360° technology in the XProtect Smart Client interface so customers can take advantage of the ImmerVision Enables panomorph lens. This is a shining example of how the Milestone true open platform allows interoperability between the best hardware and software to constantly improve situational awareness,” says Lars Gudbrandsson, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems.