MONTREAL, Canada: ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announced today that High Quality Optics (HQO), a licensed panomorph lens manufacturer, has released the first-ever high-megapixel, day/night, board-mount 360-degree panomorph lens.

Providing remarkably more coverage and pixel density than older fisheye technology, this commercial-grade, multi-megapixel panomorph lens is the catalyst for next-generation panomorph minidome launches in early 2013. With this HQO panomorph lens, camera vendors are producing dramatically more powerful 360-degree indoor and outdoor minidome cameras, while maintaining competitive MSRP price-points.

“There is no similar-sized fisheye lens that outperforms this new 360-degree panomorph,” states James Sohn, President from HQO. “With costs comparable to fisheye cameras, panomorph cameras with similar sensor resolution enable customers to significantly increase pixels per inch (PPI), and reduce their coverage cost per square foot.”

Unlike fisheye technology which requires proprietary dewarping software, with panomorph, customers benefit from the broadest compatibility with over 40 certified video surveillance solutions thanks to the open ImmerVision Enables 360-degree viewing standard.

After simple plug-and-play installation of their panomorph minidomes, users achieve hemispherical views transmitted without blind spots or compromised resolution. They also experience immersive navigation in live or playback, compare full-frame multi-angle views, and gain access to impressive software-specific features that improve risk management.

“HQO’s new panomorph lens is another example of the flexibility and adaptability of panomorph technology,” says Alessandro Gasparini, CCO at ImmerVision. “Looking ahead, security users will choose panomorph cameras for a simple reason: panomorph is radically more powerful, more efficient and more compatible than any fisheye.”

About HQO

HQO is a leading and experienced technology company that develops and supplies multi-megapixel and IR corrected camera lenses to camera manufacturers and solution providers in automotive, security, machine vision, robotics and other industries. HQO’s multi-megapixel and IR camera lenses are chosen for high-tech camera products supplied to leading companies in security, insurance, active and passive machine vision and more.