Montreal: ImmerVision, the expert in 360° panoramic imaging technology and developer of the IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens for video surveillance, announced today that a growing number of DVR and NVR manufacturers have made available their ImmerVision Enables solutions to their customers. The list includes Verex Technology, the first ImmerVision Enables manufacturer who is selling its ImmerVision Enables DVR’s in more than 40 countries, Chubb Security Systems and Salient Systems Corporation in Texas as well as Novex Canada. ImmerVision Enables is a certification that a recording and viewing device can interpret the 360° panoramic image from ImmerVision’s Panomorph lens and allow users to navigate within the image thanks to panoramic functionality. ImmerVision will reveal the name of new certified solutions manufacturers on March 28, 2007 at the ISC West, one of the largest security shows in the world.

The IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens is a major discovery for today’s security/surveillance industry because it gives an image that covers at least a 360° by 180° field of view and the implementation cost is not expensive like the older panoramic technologies. “ImmerVision’s Panomorph lens was launched in the fall,” says Pascale Nini, president of ImmerVison, “and I am pleased to see how quickly DVR/NVR manufacturers are enabling their products with our 360° functionality.” In the past, only expensive surveillance equipment offered 360° panoramic capability because of the need for sophisticated cameras, expensive infrastructure and extra bandwidth to be able to operate. “Imagine, with an ImmerVision Enables DVR/NVR and ImmerVision’s Panomorph lens, any standard surveillance camera can become panoramic without changing the infrastructure. That’s a huge benefit for critical security areas like airports, mass transit systems and government offices, because it make these areas more secure and the cost to upgrade is nominal,” Nini concluded.

ImmerVision’s IMV1-1/3 lens fits on any CS Mount security camera with a 1/3” sensor from 480 TVL to 1.2 MP, which is standard for video surveillance cameras, making the IMV1-1/3 lens a universal solution and logical alternative to some of the outdated surveillance systems in the market today. The term PANOMORPH, used by the scientific community, is derived [from the Greek word pan meaning all, horama meaning view, and morph meaning form.]

ImmerVision will be demonstrating its IMV1-1/3 panomorph lens at ISC West at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, March 28, 2007 in Booth 7041, along with some “ImmerVision Enables” DVRs and NVRs.