Montreal (Canada): ImmerVision, inventor of the 360° panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announced today that it has signed an agreement with RTS, a Korean distributor in the Network Video Surveillance System market, to distribute the ImmerVision’s 360° Panomorph lens in Korea.

RTS expertise in industries such as retails, airports, seaports, hospitals and casinos, makes it the ideal distributor to promote the Panomorph lens in Korea. ImmerVision IMV1-1/3 panomorph lenses are the new generation of 360° wide-angle lenses which retrofit analog or IP cameras by removing blind spots. They are the only 360° lenses that plug and play with major CCTV and IP camera and software brands.

“RTS finds this new relationship with ImmerVision a mutually-beneficial opportunity, in that this allows RTS to expand market share in Korea, and in return, RTS will help ImmerVision to make a significant business growth in Korea, which is a leading security product manufacturing country in the world” said RTS President Kyung Sung.

“ImmerVision is pleased to work with RTS. Its sales force efficiency will help to expand the availability to the ImmerVision’s 360° Panomorph lens throughout Korea,” said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’ SVP – Sales & Marketing and CCO.

 About RTS:

Since the inception in 1993, RTS has been committed to the development of the first class machine vision inspection system in the fast changing technology world. With such successes, RTS has committed itself to security products & systems development and commercialization, beginning early 2005.

With dynamic R&D efforts and active sales & marketing, RTS has proven to be a leader in security and surveillance market once again. With sales in over 50 countries, RTS supports its clients with various top-notch products including IP network video server, standalone DVR, mobile DVR solutions, to name a few. RTS has company product brand. Called “SPARTAN”.