Montreal (Canada), September 14, 2009: inventor of the panomorph lens and worldwide expert in 360° immersive video technology, announced today the signature of a licensing agreement with Samsung Electro-Mechanics to produce and commercialize panomorph optics for the automotive market. This agreement follows ongoing collaboration between the two companies since 2008, including successful tests conducted by Samsung Electro-Mechanics to finalize an automotive camera module embedded with a panomorph optic.

Automotive and transportation applications are among the largest and fastest growing markets for vision-sensors. Samsung’s recent decision to adopt ImmerVision’s panomorph technology underlines its strategic value to the automotive industry, and is indicative of how critical 360° immersive video technology is to a number of automotive applications.

Today, automotive vision systems under development face serious challenges because of narrow fields-of-view, space and size constraints, and the need for a one-vision system to be shared across multiple applications. ImmerVision’s panomorph technology addresses these issues, including cost effectiveness, increased resolution in the covered area (more than 180-degrees), and simultaneous imaging of multiple views with one camera. The panomorph lens is designed to fit any vision sensor, making it ideal for meeting the strict requirements of the automotive industry. “Samsung Electro-Mechanics, known for its global leadership in vision sensors for the cell phone industry, is now taking a leadership position in the automotive industry by embracing new immersive panoramic solutions that use ImmerVision’s advanced panomorph technology in making next-generation cars more secure, and the driver’s journey more enjoyable” said Alain Marchildon, ImmerVision’s Vice President – Custom Panoramic Applications.

About ImmerVision

Under the leadership of Pascale Nini, President and CEO, ImmerVision provides a unique patented 360º panomorph optics technology, which combines 360° panomorph lenses and immersive viewing functionality to enable any video device to see everything around you. Unlike older panoramic optics, such as mirror lenses and fisheye lenses, panomorph lenses can be adapted to any camera, any sensor and for any market, including security, mobile phones, automotive, laptop computers, home automation, medical, videoconferencing, aerospace, webcam, video games, machine vision and defense. ImmerVision is based in Montreal, Canada.