By Vantrix Marketing – August 31, 2016

Vantrix PRO25 and PRO4 cameras complement Vantrix 360 glass-to-glass system for broadcast quality capture and delivery of immersive VR.

Vantrix, a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems, today announced the Vantrix PRO25 and PRO4, its new broadcast-quality camera systems for live 360 capture and VR delivery. Vantrix PRO25 and PRO4 will be showcased at IBC2016 in Amsterdam from September 9-13.

The Vantrix PRO series is a purpose-built broadcast-quality capture system for live events such as sports, news, concerts as well as studio and post production. Vantrix PRO25 and PRO4 complement the Vantrix 360 glass-to-glass system for delivery of immersive VR content.

“We are extremely proud to launch Vantrix PRO25, PRO4 and PRO4-DUAL”, says Vantrix CEO Jean Mayrand. “The Vantrix PRO series enables a new immersive experience for end users and allows broadcasters and sports leagues to attract a new generation of viewers. The system is versatile and built with high quality as the #1 design objective and even includes an option for sub-marine operation.”

Lens magic

The panomorph lens (designed and certified by ImmerVision) used in Vantrix PRO cameras features up to 12 layers of glass requiring highly advanced optics design and precision manufacturing. The result is distortion-free 360×182° video output that requires no stitching, reducing post processing time significantly without quality degradation, a common issue in stitched video feeds. The optics also include a cloud-managed aperture and focus.

“This panomorph Virtual Reality camera is enabling an unprecedented level of quality and proximity in broadcast entertainment, one that transforms passive viewers into active participants, offering unlimited potential for world-changing experiences and products,” says Pascale Nini, President and CEO of ImmerVision. “We are delighted to collaborate with Vantrix in bringing panomorph technology to the professional broadcast sector – a technology that brings immersive experiences to all.”

Broadcast integration

Broadcasters can individually control up to 4 HD virtual cameras and integrate via SDI into existing production workflows. The control station performs all the remote control functions of the camera including color grading.

Vantrix PRO25

The Vantrix PRO25 camera is designed for the ultimate capture quality and is ruggedized with an IP-67 rating. The camera delivers broadcast quality video with a market-leading resolution of up to 5000 x 5000, 6.4 micron square pixels, up to 12-bit color depth and 240fps frame rate and generates a 25Gbps hemispherical video feed. The video feed is processed by the control station and prepared for cloud livestreaming and/or handoff to broadcast systems.

Vantrix PRO4

Vantrix PRO4 is designed for fixed and mobile operation, and delivers resolutions up to 2000 x 2000 pixels in a lightweight footprint. Vantrix PRO4-DUAL adds a second lens for full sphere 360×360° footage.

The Vantrix PRO series includes the camera, control station and a cable bundle, and is prepared for integration with Vantrix 360 cloud processing and the Vantrix 360 player for experiencing immersive media on VR headsets, TV and mobile devices.

The Vantrix PRO series can be ordered in several configurations:

  • BASE. This configuration includes the optics and sensor in a ruggedized casing, a control station and a cable bundle.
  • EXTEND. This configuration is ideal when the control station needs to be located further away from the camera, and adds fiber, extendable to 10km.
  • AQUA. This configuration is designed for underwater operation and adds a sealed dome which can withstand up to 60m water pressure.
  • 3DAUDIO. An immersive binaural microphone can be included for true universal video and audio VR. This configuration also adds 9-track audio.

The following options can be added to the control station:

  • SDI. A high quality SDI card with 4 virtual camera outputs @60fps for integration with broadcast workflows.
  • STUDIO. A high speed storage system with an extra 16TB of SSD disk space.

Contact [email protected] for more information, pricing and availability.

To see the Vantrix PRO series in action, come visit Vantrix during IBC2016 in Hall 14, booth J06.

About ImmerVision

ImmerVision is the pioneer of the patented 360° panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology.

About Vantrix

Vantrix is a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems. Since 2004, Vantrix products have been deployed in over 75 networks, serving over 1 billion subscribers worldwide.