May 7, 2024

Quebec City / Montreal, Canada – LeddarTech Holdings Inc. (“LeddarTech”) (Nasdaq: LDTC) and Immervision Inc. are pleased to jointly announce a collaboration that aims to streamline the perception model training process with a view to making it faster, more cost-effective and less data-intensive. LeddarTech is an automotive software company that provides patented disruptive AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software technology, LeddarVision™, for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) and parking applications. Immervision is a leading developer of advanced vision systems combining optics, image processing and sensor fusion technology.

This joint effort combines LeddarTech’s expertise in AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software technology and Immervision’s leadership in advanced vision systems, creating a powerful synergy intended to improve ADAS and AD perception training.

The goal of perception technology in ADAS is to provide accurate and timely information to the vehicle’s control system, enabling it to make informed decisions and assist the driver in various driving tasks, such as collision avoidance, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control. However, the development and validation process requires costly data collection and labeling.

LeddarTech and Immervision’s collaboration aims to improve and significantly optimize this process by allowing large-scale data re-usability. The breakthrough achieved by their research teams allows the re-use of data across various ADAS and AD platforms, with zero simulation-to-reality gap. This means that existing data assets can now be leveraged for new platforms, significantly shrinking the development time and cost for the perception models, thus enabling a faster and more cost-effective development cycle for the complete system. This optimization is expected to result in a more cost-effective and safer future for ADAS and AD.

The companies intend to demonstrate this technology in Q3 of 2024.

“At Immervision, our partnership with LeddarTech is a leap forward in refining the training of perception software. We are pioneering a method to train these systems faster and cost-effectively, minimizing the need for extensive data gathering. This advancement is a game-changer in reducing the risk associated with developing advanced vision systems”, stated Michel Van Maercke, CEO of Immervision. “Through our joint efforts with LeddarTech, we intend to streamline the evolution of ADAS and AD technologies, accelerating our journey towards a safer, more efficient autonomous future.”

Pierre Olivier, LeddarTech’s Chief Technology Officer, stated: “I am enthusiastic about this collaboration, which has the potential to significantly accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS and AD solutions. LeddarTech and Immervision have collaborated before, and our teams share a common vision of the contribution that tools and data can make in realizing the dream of fully autonomous vehicles.”


About Immervision Inc.:
With over 20 years of innovation, Immervision creates solutions that see beyond human vision. Its Deep Seeing technology and renowned experts in wide-angle vision systems, optical design and image processing enable smart devices with superhuman eyes to capture high quality visual and contextual data. The company invents, customizes, and licenses wide-angle camera solutions and imaging software technology for AI, machine vision and user applications, from capture to display, in the mobile, automotive, robotics, security, and other industrial and consumer product industries. For more information about Immervision, visit and LinkedIn.

About Leddartech:

A global software company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Quebec City with additional R&D centers in Montreal and Tel Aviv, Israel, LeddarTech develops and provides comprehensive AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software solutions that enable the deployment of ADAS, autonomous driving (AD) and parking applications. LeddarTech’s automotive-grade software applies advanced AI and computer vision algorithms to generate accurate 3D models of the environment to achieve better decision making and safer navigation. This high-performance, scalable, cost-effective technology is available to OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers to efficiently implement automotive and off-road vehicle ADAS solutions.

LeddarTech is responsible for several remote-sensing innovations, with 160 patent applications (87 granted) that enhance ADAS, AD and parking capabilities. Better awareness around the vehicle is critical in making global mobility safer, more efficient, sustainable and affordable: this is what drives LeddarTech to seek to become the most widely adopted sensor fusion and perception software solution.

LeddarTech might, in the scope of collaborations, partnerships and projects, from time to time, collect with test vehicles personal information, i.e., information that directly or indirectly identifies members of the public. Collected personal information may be processed, used, stored and communicated by LeddarTech within the scope of developing and training our software and products. For further information about the processing activities, which include the collection, use, storage and communication of the personal information, as well as the associated personal information protection rights and how to exercise them, please consult LeddarTech’s Privacy Policy and Immervision’s Privacy Notice.
Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at and on LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Facebook and YouTube.