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New ImmerVision Enables certification upgrades DVRs and NVRs to make video surveillance systems see all without blind spots essential for critical security areas

Montreal: ImmerVision, the expert in 360° panoramic imaging technology and developer of the IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens

The Gemin Planet Imager Science Camera design awarded to ImmerVision’s Optical Department

Montreal, January 10, 2007: ImmerVision has been awarded a contract for the preliminary design of the Gemini Planet

ImmerVision’s Optical Department awarded with an optical design contract for the William Herschel Telescope by Photon etc.

Montreal, December 20, 2006: ImmerVision has been selected by Photon Etc. for the optical design of a wide-field ...

Marseille Astronomic Observatory award Spectral Imager design to ImmerVision’s Optical Department

Montreal, December 4, 2006: The Marseille Observatory has chosen ImmerVision’s optical department to conceptualize ...

Increased Need for Heightened Security Drives Sales of ImmerVision’s Revolutionary Panoramic Imaging Lens

Lens Overcomes Flaws in Outdated Technology; Can Be Mounted on All Standard Video Surveillance Equipment Montreal:

Verex DVRs First in Industry With ImmerVision 360° Panoramic Technology

SAN DIEGO, Calf., ASIS International: Verex Technology and ImmerVision announced today a collaboration that will be